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Novus X-Ray has just celebrated its 10 year anniversary!

Novus X-Ray is a USA provider with design, engineering, manufacturing, and service based in Doylestown Pennsylvania. This means over-night support on any replacement part and immediate access to our engineers and support staff intimately familiar with all aspects of your equipment. While Novus has been in business for over a decade, the systems that we provide are based upon a more substantial body of experience. Our founders pioneered the automated X-ray inspection market over twenty years ago and produced product that has captured a substantial segment of the worldwide market. Armed with the hindsight of developing three generations of inspection machines, Novus X-Ray was formed to provide inspection equipment to displace these older technologies.

Deploying the right equipment for the task can be just as important as equipment performance. Novus has the experience to deploy the right x-ray inspection equipment for the job. Our sales engineers will help you with every aspect of your application. Even discussing issues you may not have thought of, such as how reject light-weight foil pouches which can curve downward. Or how to prevent tip over while pushing tall packages through radiation protection curtains. Nothing beats practical experience and our sales engineers have it.

Novus X-Ray sets the goal of providing world-class customer support to the owners of our x-ray inspection machines. Your complete satisfaction is our mission. Novus offers Remote Service and Preventative Maintenance agreements, to keep your investment running in tip-top shape. We provide Internet and telephone support as well as periodic visits for training and regulatory requirements.

All inspection equipment are supplied with CCPX technology, which takes the complication and risk out of the user and service experience. Equipment availability and complexity of operation are the biggest hurtles in deploying x-ray technology, especially in critical control points. CCPX technology eliminates the need for factory service which dramatically reduces unacceptable down-time. This is accomplished through two unique features:

Detection adjustment through a teaching process which learns from its mistakes

Self diagnostics and quick swap plug-n-play service modules

Contact us    even if you are just in the planning stage, or are simply wondering if X-ray Inspection could be of application in your plant.  There is no charge for discussion, and you may be pleasantly surprised as to how well we understand your needs and how well we can propose a solution.