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 X-ray Food Inspection

           Foreign body inspection
It takes significant investment to build your brand.  Protect your investment against the rare but inevitable foreign body contamination.

We manufacture state-of-the-art inspection systems to insure your product quality and your customer safety.

Novus X-Ray is simply the best foreign body contamination protection decision you can make.


JBT Corporation Acquires X-ray Food Inspection Company

JBT Corporation, a leading global technology solutions provider, has purchased certain assets of Novus X-Ray LLC, a provider of advanced X-ray food inspection systems.

Introducing a revolutionary improvement in equipment availability

Novus X-Ray LLC introduces the next generation of automated food inspection equipment designed specifically for the challenging needs of Critical Control Point (CCP) deployment.  Two unique features, one-button adjustment and plug-n-play modular architecture,  provide customers with total control of their equipment.